Contena Deliveries​

The contena delivery platform provides enterprise level software solutions for businesses that rely on logistics services to run their business operations using the predesign dashboard and widget options or use the Contena API to manage their deliveries.

Launch Your Delivery Company in Minutes

Get your delivery company up and running in just 5 minutes with our hassle-free setup process. Say goodbye to lengthy onboarding and start optimizing your operations right away.

Optimize Routes with AI-Powered Efficiency

Maximize efficiency and minimize costs with our AI-powered route optimization feature. Let our advanced algorithms analyze and optimize your delivery routes, saving you time, fuel, and resources.

Secure Delivery Proof with Photo/Video and Signature

Provide irrefutable proof of delivery with our integrated photo/video and signature feature. Capture evidence at the point of delivery, ensuring transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction.

Track Deliveries in Real-Time

Keep your finger on the pulse of every delivery with our real-time tracking feature. Know exactly where your packages are, monitor progress, and provide accurate updates to your customers.

Unlock Insights with Analytics

Make data-driven decisions and gain valuable insights into your delivery operations with our comprehensive analytics. Measure performance, identify trends, and optimize your strategies for success.

No-Code Option with Web Widget

Customize and integrate our delivery platform seamlessly into your existing systems with our no-code option and web widget. Tailor the platform to your unique needs and streamline your operations effortlessly.

Seamless Integration with API

Connect your systems and leverage the power of Contena with our easy-to-use API integration. Seamlessly integrate our delivery platform into your existing workflows, enabling smooth data exchange and enhanced functionality.

Enhance Delivery Experience with Companion Driver Mobile App

Empower your drivers with our Companion Driver Mobile App. Seamlessly communicate, navigate, and stay updated on deliveries, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery experience for your customers.