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Effortless delivery tracking, simplified finances for small businesses and individuals.

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Powerful logistics solutions for businesses that drive efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.
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Contena helps you seamlessly manage deliveries

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Reduce less time manually organizing deliveries, and more time running your business. Give your customers a smooth delivery experience

Moving anything from one point to another has never been this easy!

At Contena, we believe that logistics should be efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly. We understand the challenges faced by businesses in the industry, from costly software solutions to the impact of carbon emissions. That’s why we’ve created innovative, cloud-based technology to tackle these problems and revolutionize the way logistics is handled.

Contena Vendor

The Contena Vendor platform provides easy to use software solution to enable small businesses and individuals to send and track deliveries at a very affordable rate. The product enables effortless payment collection and financial management.

Contena Deliveries

The contena delivery platform provides enterprise level software solutions for businesses that rely on logistics services to run their business operations using the predesign dashboard and widget options or use the Contena API to manage their deliveries.

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Contena’s support goes the extra mile to take your logistics businesses to the next level.